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Instruments Overview

Instruments Overview

Trading instruments are the assets or markets that are bought and sold by traders in the pursuit of profits. Major trading instruments include stocks, bonds, commodities, options, currencies, indexes, ETFs, and many more. An advantage of trading commodity leveraged cryptocurrencies is the benefit of trading freely without owning the actual asset. This gives you the flexibility to trade against the price movements without having to buy or sell the actual instrument. If you believe the price will likely go up or down, your profit and loss in trading leveraged cryptocurrencies is decided and calculated by the difference in the price at which you buy and sell. A trader can also benefit by a short position, which is when a trader sells at a given price with the intention of purchasing at a lower price at a later date.

Trade99 offers its customers the option of trading leveraged cryptocurrencies in five main categories:

Soft Commodities

Included in soft commodities are goods which are grown, as well as livestock and industrial crops.

Precious Metals

There are three main precious metals, though there are many more which are traded on daily. The three main precious metals are gold, silver, and platinum. The platinum group includes a wide range of metals.


Popular markets tend to be the FTSE 100, Dow Jones, S&P and Germany’s DAX index. Indices are intended to mirror the best estimate of the present cash price of the market, therefore the quotes are taken from the corresponding futures contract with a fair value adjustment.

Energy Commodities

These commodities are generally assets which are mined or extracted. Some, but not all, energy commodities are: crude oil, natural gas, coal, electricity, wind power, solar power, etc. Energy has always been indispensable for human survival which makes for a great commodities investment.


Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies which use blockchain shared-ledger technology for peer-to-peer exchanges, but can still be exchanged and speculated on – just like any other asset.