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Account Funding

Account Funding

Once you have created your trading account, depositing funds is simple and secure. Funds will appear on your trading account balance within minutes of the transaction being completed.

If you need any assistance during the process, please open a new ticket through your Service Desk.

All transactions are communicated using Secure Socket Layer technology, ensuring that your personal information is safe.

How do I deposit funds?

  • Log in to your account and click on the “Deposit” button.
  • Select your preferred deposit method and fill out your financial details.
  • Once your deposit is confirmed, you will receive a deposit confirmation email. You will then be able to see your updated balance.

What type of payment methods are there?

  • Credit card deposits.
  • Bitcoin (BTC) deposit.
  • Bank wire transfer deposits.

Credit card deposits.

  • Depositing funds by credit card is simple and quick and funds are instantly deposited in your trading account. However please note that withdrawals take an average of 2-3 working days for the credit card company to process, and there may be fees associated with withdrawals by the credit card company.

Bitcoin (BTC) deposit.

  • Select “Deposit” and click on the cryptocurrency you wish to deposit.
  • Read the instructions carefully.
  • Make sure that the cryptocurrency deposit you wish to make fulfills the minimum deposit requirements specified on the page. Also, double-check that you are sending the right kind of digital asset to the right kind of address as transactions sent to the wrong address may not be recoverable.
  • If it is your first time depositing, then you will have to generate a new deposit address. Click the “Generate New Address” button.
  • After adding a deposit address, select, copy, and paste the address and, if applicable, the generated ‘destination tag’ (XRP), ‘memo’ (XLM, EOS), or `payment ID` (XMR) into the wallet from which the funds will be sent. Do not type the address by hand.
  • Once you have initiated a valid transaction from your wallet, the deposit will be credited to your account when the minimum number of required confirmations has been reached.

Bank wire transfer deposits.

  • Bank wire transfers are often the quickest way to deposit large amounts of over $50,000. However please note that it can take up to 5 days to see funds in the trading account and bank fees may occur.

After selecting the “Wire Transfer” option, enter the deposit amount, click on “Continue” and then follow the follow the instructions for your deposit method.