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About Us

About Us

Built with you in mind

Trade99 is a trading platform providing the world’s best leading trades. We live by our vision of providing a unique, quality experience- working to blend unseen technology with leading market access. We are dedicated to providing our customers with a state-of-the-art trading platform where simplicity meets excellence.

A mission like no other

At Trade99 we believe that we have a larger purpose- to nourish the soul. We believe in a sense of customer connection with a feeling of being home in order to fulfill that purpose.

Our very roots are all about connecting to those who we can provide a better future in trading for. This sense of connection lies at the heart of our mission- providing our customers with a home within the trading network.

A network in which you can trade and invest comfortably knowing we are right by your side, lending a helping hand, a familiar voice.

Trade99 was built by hard work and dedication with you, the customer, in mind. We offer competitive prices, leverage, and the world’s best customer support team in the industry. Our unique style, coupled with our best quality platforms, caters to every trader. Be it the novice or the professional, the hobby trader or the daily grinder, our platform can be used equally by all. Trade99’s customer support team is standing by at the ready. No question is too simple, no task is too large- we are here to help you better your future.

From our trading platform to our customer service relations, every effort is made deliberately so that every client feels welcome to enjoy the little extras they won’t find anywhere else. Welcome to Trade99, your trading platform home.